Jes did all the dirty work and I was moral support. Someone had to keep their hands clean in case we had to call for back up.

No captions, no locations.

Date : July 5, 2017

The year is halfway gone and this is only 1 of 2 posts I have shared over six months. I’d like to give you reasons for my “busy” schedule, but really I should remember what all of this was about when it started. I wanted a way to chronicle my work, life, and thoughts. Over the years I went through periods where what I posted didn’t matter, the depth of the writing was not important, and all I really wanted to do was show something.

For the next half of the year I’d like to make a promise to myself to frequent this space more. Posts don’t have to happen daily, they should happen regularly. I experienced a lot of firsts in 2017, traveled to new places and continue to learn about myself and challenge myself in my work. You’ll see some of them here. No captions, no locations but just enough to know a little more about this story.

Old news

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Date : February 20, 2017

Reading newspaper from last week, eating a cinnamon roll, and watching Netflix. Ok, maybe I am just looking through most of the photos, but The New York Times publishes damn good photos.

The window seat does not suck.

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Date : February 6, 2017

FullSizeRender 34Growing up in Hawaii it is expensive to travel far. I give my mom a lot of credit for taking us on family trips. Mostly along West Coast, I haven’t seen a whole lot more of the United States. After living on the East Coast and visiting a few places in between, one of my goals is to explore more of the United States. Bigger goals include international travel, but for now I’ll take what I can get.

I’m going to work backwards a little bit to fill in the blanks of what happened to me in the last two months of 2016.  In December 2016, I took a quick trip to Las Vegas to crash a convention and on the way there I settled in the window seat. If I was traveling alone I would have had a different attitude about this, but with two friends? Zero problem.

Driving to Vegas you see a whole lot of nothing, but flying is a completely different experience. I was awake more most of the flight, staring into the horizon. I saw cities, mountains and most of all felt like I was in a completely different world. This was only an hour flight but the landscapes changed quickly and greatly. I felt so small traveling a very short distance. I know there is more out there and I can’t wait to see it. The window seat does not suck, it gives you perspective and a lot of good photos.

IMG_3172FullSizeRender 35


New Year, same (better) me.

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Date : February 6, 2017

NewYearSameMe‘Sup. 2017 is moving faster than I ever expected. Even this photo came quick by my 12 year-old niece who turned the camera on me during her photoshoot. It wasn’t since my last post that I took the time to write more about what’s been inspiring, driving, and challenging me. Sometimes life just happens and you lose track of a few things, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Letting life happen means that I have been spending more time in the real and less time on the screen. I need technology to work and I need work to live, but that should not be all I do. I’ve changed my lifestyle three times in just over a year going from NYC to Maui and back to San Diego. Each time trying to consciously make more time for me. Closing my computer a few hours earlier at night, spending the time to talk to friends on the phone (not over a text or Snap or thumbs up on FB), and most importantly, not checking e-mails from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. I want to be busy—who doesn’t. I don’t want to live to work, but I do need work to live. Finding this balance is a continuous goal and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

In this new year, I look forward to continuing my work as a graphic designer, new teacher and strive to do it all better.  I want to welcome change and encourage growth within myself and with others. The New England Patriots came back to win one historic Super Bowl tonight. If that doesn’t prove hard work and preparation doesn’t get you anything, I don’t know what will.  So I won’t give up trying,  I’ll do my best to keep my head on straight and letting life happen in 2017.  New year, working towards a better me.

Twenty, seven.

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Date : October 19, 2016

This is probably one of the most ridiculous picture I have ever had taken of myself but isn’t it funny?? Yes it’s three days after I turned twenty seven and this totally happened on Wednesday in the middle of the workweek. When you’re freelance this can happen and it’s ok too (sometimes as long as you did all your work and are waiting for edits to come back to you). A lot can happen in a year. Last year this time, my big thing was figuring out how I was going to move home to Hawaii. Here I am a year later, living in a completely different place–San Diego.

Twenty seven is a big number. Out of the single digits, out of the teens, and no longer in the early 20’s. Mid-to-late twenties it is. Ready to see what this new year has to offer and figure out how I’m gonna float through life. Preferably with a caramel apple lollipop in hand!

Returning to the basement

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Date : October 10, 2016

The Art Department at USD is a hidden gem. Well at least for me anyway. Returning to the “Basement of Camino” (the name it is known by the majors), reminds me of where my journey as an artist and designer began. I struggled there and overcame challenges there. I grew from being shy to working on being confident. I also made friends there who were going through the same things as me. I found these cute little books that chronicles the students form each graduating class and some of our work. I  found myself as well as my friends. In fact, the cover art from 2010 and 2011 from two of my very best friends that still inspire me today.