Insta-Story, or nah.

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Date : September 28, 2016

Insta_story Yesterday, I posted a pic similar to this to my Insta-story. Still trying to figure out why I would need to do that, Snapchat, and maybe even a real Insta-post that only some of my friends would see thanks to the new algorithms. I could even share all that to my Facebook feed if I really wanted to (and at times, I do). Let’s not forget Twitter because this will end up there too. With so many ways to stay connected and share, when does it become an over-share? I’m struggling with the idea of having so many ways to post.  I wouldn’t want people to see the same image 10x. Instead, I’d want them to see something different, every time. This is a new challenge to me. I remember when the challenge was to take a picture of something interesting everyday. Now I’ll have to take at least 20. Catch me where you can, I won’t promise it’ll be super interesting, but I’ll do my best to try!