No captions, no locations.

Date : July 5, 2017

The year is halfway gone and this is only 1 of 2 posts I have shared over six months. I’d like to give you reasons for my “busy” schedule, but really I should remember what all of this was about when it started. I wanted a way to chronicle my work, life, and thoughts. Over the years I went through periods where what I posted didn’t matter, the depth of the writing was not important, and all I really wanted to do was show something.

For the next half of the year I’d like to make a promise to myself to frequent this space more. Posts don’t have to happen daily, they should happen regularly. I experienced a lot of firsts in 2017, traveled to new places and continue to learn about myself and challenge myself in my work. You’ll see some of them here. No captions, no locations but just enough to know a little more about this story.