Category : 2 0 1 6, OAK, SF, West Coast
Date : September 26, 2016

img_0315img_0251img_0226img_1038img_0353 img_0359My last trip to SF happened because of some real cheap flights to Oakland. This route was the best way for me to get myself down to SD and lucky for me I have friends in a few places. I was able to turn this 36 hour layover into one filled with the the typical and atypical tourist activities. The day started gloomy, of course so to brighten it up we got latte’s from the cutest corner cafe, Angelina’s in the Richmond district. The next stop was Golden Gate Park to walk through the Academy of Sciences. We went across the way to Sausalito and back again to lunch in the Marina. Then finally making it to Alamo Square to get the perfect pic at the “Painted Ladies” after all these years and trips to the Bay. Dinner and drinks in the Mission closed the night and the next day was spent in Oakland. This was a quick trip filled with going to common spots and hidden treasures, seeing the bay and bridges at all angles, and most of all, reconnecting with friends. Making the most of what I got because when I look at what I have, it’s definitely a lot.