Culture Cuisines

  • May 2012

CultureCuisine-15“How can a TV Dinner be redesigned to make the individual experience reflect a family dinner and act as a learning tool for cuisine and culture of various countries?” Culture Cuisines is a proposes to answer this question with a “TV Dinner” with a focus on the cuisine and cultural learning. After moving to New York, I yearned for the nightly family dinner ritual.

In our constantly growing and evolving society, people sometimes lose touch with their cultural ties and traditions. As individuals relocate and move away from their families, they become removed from their culture. It becomes the responsibility of the individual to maintain culture on their own. Convenience can be represented by the popular frozen TV Dinner–made for one and an easy thing to fix up for dinner. This project proposes a way to promote and maintain ethnic cultural identity through a redesigned TV Dinner. The TV Dinners can be translated to fit to many different countries and cuisines. This allows for someone to break boundaries and reach beyond their own culture and learn about a different country and cuisine.

Here is the documentation PDF of the project process.