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  • May 2013


Mobility. Adaptation. Preservation. These are the themes embodied in “Heritage”, a traveling dinner experience that draws from the artist’s unique cultural background to preserve the past in the present.



Born and raised in Hawaii, the artist found herself moving from Hawaii to San Diego to New York to pursue her studies in art. With a deep appreciation of her culture and a desire to preserve family memories, the artist explored ways to recreate these experiences in the absence of family. This resulted in “Heritage”—a series of technology free “family dinners”. Created with family treasures from the past and new things from the present, the mobile table and dinner becomes an archive of the experiences that continue to preserve the past in the present. “Heritage” is a unique dinner experience that reflects the artist’s own ability to be mobile, adapt, and preserve.


HerItage is my MFA Design and Technology thesis project. The project was exhibited in the MFA Design and Technology 2013 Thesis Show held in  New York City in May 2013. For a more in depth look at the project check out my thesis blog where I document every step of the process from concept to completion.

My final thesis paper can be found here.