Kapoi Boy Adventures

Invitation_Archerk-03Bringing digital to print and print to life, Archer’s mom had a big vision. For her son’s 1st birthday she wanted to write him a story and publish a book to give to the party guests. The book called “Kapoi Boy Adventures” told a story of Archer Kapoi, keeper of the forest and how he prepped for his birthday celebration.  Archer and his forest friends were busy all day awaiting the arrival of Archer’s brothers, Justice and Ryder. Together the Kapoi Boys wasted no time doing what brothers do best–have fun.


My role was to bring these boys and their forest friends to life. While Archer’s mom and dad wrote a story of their sons adventures, I illustrated the characters and brought their story to life. A project that spanned months to prepare and characters that made their way onto a birthday cake and cardboard cut-outs the park brought all these pieces together in a seamless fashion. Happy Birthday, Archer!


DSC_3816 2Guests received their very own copy of Volume I of “Kapoi Boy Adventures” because Archer’s parents definitely plan to do this again in another milestone year for their son. DSC_3756 2