Okole Maluna

  • August 2013

Maui No Ka Oi

Okole Maluna, Hawaiian for “Bottoms Up!” is a set of custom made wooden coasters.  The original ocean-inspired set includes designs of the island of Mauii, ‘ulua fish, tako (octopus), honu (turtle), makau (fish hooks), mano (shark), diver, and Hawaiian triangle tribal pattern representing protection and strength.

Okole Maluna Coasters 2 Okole Maluna Coasters 3

The coasters are cut using laser technology and then assembled by hand in New York City. They are sanded, stained and sealed to ensure they are waterproofed and ready for use.

Okole Maluna-Matsumoto Coasters

Originally created as an original gift for a friend, the coasters received an overwhelming response and requests were made for special ordered gifts. Some designs will never be created again, while others are continuing to evolve and change. To date, over 500 coasters have been made and shared with people across the country.